A new industrial era

Control center (photo)

The revolution in digital technology is ushering in a new industrial era, centered on the “Internet of Things, Services and People” (IoTSP).

Key drivers are the increased availability of data, ubiquitous connectivity, and the exponential growth in processing power. Thanks to these developments, the performance and health of machines can be tracked and monitored throughout their life cycle, boosting productivity and efficiency, for instance by enabling interventions before a service interruption.

At the same time, advances in robotics technology, exemplified by ABB’s YuMi – one of the most advanced industrial robots in existence today – are enabling a new era in human-robot collaboration, notably in small-parts assembly.

The next stage in this new industrial era will be driven to a significant extent by advances in artificial intelligence, such as machine learning. Machines will be able to take decisions based on their own analyses of data and to learn from the outcomes of those decisions.

In the industry of the future, we will see factories, mines, mills and offshore platforms run entirely by machines and robots. Human beings will be alerted only when machines encounter problems or issues they cannot solve themselves. The outcome will be a dramatic increase in productivity, leading to new business models and the transformation of industry.

As a world leader in industrial automation and robotics, ABB is leading the way to this new era through the IoTSP, not only with our hardware and engineering expertise, but also with our consulting, service and software solutions.

With in-depth understanding of industries and their applications, and of the IoTSP, ABB has the knowledge and expertise to deploy the optimum mix between artificial intelligence and classical model-based technologies to bring safety, productivity, and energy efficiency in industry to the next level.