The big shifts

Major changes underway in power and automation

Power and automation, our core activities, are undergoing a transformation.

With the surge in demand for renewable energy, power grids are becoming increasingly complex. Wind and solar are intermittent sources of power, and the proliferation of rooftop solar panels is turning millions of consumers into producers of electricity.

Furthermore, hundreds of millions of people are still without access to electricity, while the best sources of renewable energy – such as windy offshore sites, sunny deserts and steep valleys – are usually far from the cities and industries that use the power. In these conditions, new solutions are needed to improve the efficiency and reliability of the power supply that is so critical to the wellbeing of families and businesses alike.

In industry, the revolution in digital technology is opening up new possibilities to increase productivity. A new industrial era is beginning, in which machines are increasingly able to perceive their surroundings and interact with human beings, creating the Internet of Things, Services and People.

In the next stage, these developments will converge with advances in industrial artificial intelligence and machine learning. Machines will in future not only be able to perceive the world and communicate with each other but also to reason and make decisions, without the need for human intervention.

We are at the forefront of these changes in power and automation.